06 March 2011

Task Identifier - The Configurable/Reconfigurable Tool

Lately I've had multiple opportunities to speak with potential users as well as existing users of our Task Identifier Productivity Tool (TI). The main comment I find from existing users has been "I keep getting pop-ups" (AKA 'Toast'). My response is if your are seeing too many pop-ups your settings may not be configured the way you'd like Task Identifier to behave.

Remember, TI allows you to 'Take Back Control Of Your Phone'! In order for TI to be effective, it must be configured to your liking and according to your usage. In the illustration to the left, the settings screen allows the user to set which level of alerts will be displayed. This screen-shot shows all alerts will be displayed for the user.

Too many 'greens' going off? Change the setting to Yellow and above. Remember to save. I know I've exited the screen without doing so on a number of occasions. In fact, because it is so easy to miss, Josh has moved the button for the Save function from the bottom of the settings screen to the top. I really like the new location and hope you do as well.

Another comment I've received has been related to the settings function as it pertains to TI's "Monitor Refresh Time". Why is it there? It's there, to again, provide flexibility to the user, allowing full configuration control, (TI Full Version), for the fetch time, as I call it. By increasing the setting, the user preserves more battery life and vice versa. The benefit of this setting is directly associated with the level or type of user you are.

If you are a "Power User", you'll enjoy the ability to save on battery and still protect yourself. If you're like most folks, a setting of 5 seconds will do just fine. Those of you who are using the phone for specific tasks like Maps or Pandora, will love the 2.5 second setting as nothing will be able to get by you. However, remember this will increase battery usage. Note though, that this function, has been high on our list to optimize and Josh continues to make great progress.

Out of all the feedback we've received, (We love it, keep it coming!), the single most widely shared comment/question has been "How should I configure it? I haven't a clue what's what! And don't have the time to mess with it."

We hear you... Enter 'TI Simplified'!

We're gearing up to make our next version release. Look for many new enhancements, not the least of which is 'TI Simplified'. This new function adds even greater flexibility and control of your smart phone then ever before.

'TI Simplified'
will provide you with a means to kick start your tool while you get use to the endless configurations and permissions Apps request. With our 'TI Simplified' function we'll setup your alerts based on what you typically have running on your Smart Phone. With the press of one button, VOILA !!! Your smart phone is now set based upon the Apps on your phone and their current permissions.

Use your phone as you normally do, but pay attention to how TI is running. Soon you'll be reconfiguring TI and its permission threshold settings based on your usage. Remember, you're in control and we're always here to address your comments and questions.

We're on a quest to give our users the ability to Take Back Control Of Your Phone, with the best Productivity Tool available!

Till Next Time!


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