30 March 2011

TI Simplified

So for all the free version users out there, your phone has probably told you v1.5.1-Lite is available for download. Great! You've probably also noticed a couple of things. 1) The name changed to TI Simplified... why? Based on user feedback, the Lite version was not as useful and powerful as the full version and was a little tricky to understand how to set up, etc, and so we listened. Unleash change 2) TI Simplified changed the look and feel of TI...why?

Simple. We wanted to make this version simple to use and understand. Using background TI processes, the app will automatically set every app installed on your phone to a given level, Green, Yellow, Red and Red with Auto Kill. Automating this processing involved leveraging one of the customizable options of the full version, permissions based setup, with a default permissions watch list. Next, we heard a lot of people upset about the number of popups being displayed so we fixed that. Green alerts will not be displayed. This should eliminate close to 50-75% of pop-ups. Only Yellow and Red alerts will be displayed. Simple, right? Finally, the 'Click to display all yellow and red alerts' is what List Alerts used to be, except, this time again, only showing yellow and red alerts. From there, with a whole new code base behind it to alleviate problems had in List Alerts, the user can change alert levels, kill tasks, and see what an app has access too and what it can do. We really hope this helps out a lot! Did I also mention battery life should be improved significantly?

The old UI and version will still live on in the full version,  to be upgraded as TI Advanced. Everything you've come to know and love, with the additional ability to switch between TI simplified and Advanced mode, new settings including pop-up transparency setting, a new setup alerts screen which shows EVERY app installed on your phone, a new robust, re-coded List Alerts, lots of bug fixes, and much more! Here's the full change log for TI Advanced:

v1.5.1-Full: Added TI Simplified
  • Redid Setup Alerts to show all apps installed
  • Added Color to Setup and List Alerts
  • Reworked List Alerts code
  • Reworked permissions based settings
  • Optimized shut down sequence so app stops more efficiently
  • Fixed issue of re-opening TI and having it stay in the background
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Minor Bug Fixes based on User Feedback
  • List Alerts now returns to previous list position
  • Sequence from Alerts to exit optimized in all cases
  • Turning off screen off activities also pauses monitor while screen is off to save battery
  • Added slider for transparency of alerts
We will continue to listen to our users. This update took awhile to bring to fruition  but we think it's well worth it! Please tell your friends and family and be sure to check back here often for tips, info and more!


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