21 February 2011

Us vs Them

I would like to begin by saying thanks for visiting our blog! I was doing some random Google searches on the internet and found an interesting article on Android Security programs. One of the comments to this article was with regards to Lookout. This user convinced me that Lookout gathers all your data and stores it on a server, which it can, and that how do you truly know your data is secure at a 3rd party site and that it isn't being used for other purposes? As part of the Task Identifier team, I would like to ensure everyone that we would NEVER take your data or use any data related to your phone for any reason. We are here to try and help you: a) make you more aware of what your phone is actually doing allowing you to optimize your phone and b) protect you from intrusive apps with pesky permissions from stealing  your personal data. We wish to make Task Identifier more powerful as we keep going. None of our venture into this great unknown would be possible without users like you, so thank  you for using Task Identifier and thanks for visiting the blog!


  1. It would be useful if you clarified what the app does without requiring me to install and learn for myself. What is the purpose of the different colored apps? Are green apps like an ignore list? When I get a red alert and I kill an app, what stops it from starting again, and again? Can I create a list of apps which will be killed automatically unless I start them? Give us some more information, please.


  2. Stuart - we are working on ways to better show what the app does. I have a couple ideas so stay tuned. The alert colors are to allow the user to filter app based on what they believe the worry level should be -or- in the case of the permissions feature in the full version, colors are assigned based on which permissions an app has. We are also planning a new mode of TI which requires very little user interaction to setup and run. Thanks for using the app and please let us know of any further concerns/questions you have.