13 February 2011

Task Identifier - Battery Usage

Task Identifier - Taking Back Control !

Thank you all for downloading our product and more so for your honest and candid reviews. Keep them coming.

Through your usage of Task Identifier (TI), you have helped us prove that TI is an extremely useful tool which allows users the ability to take back control of their Smart phone!

However, as we all know, everything has a price. In order for TI to be a great tool and alert you, it must monitor your phone's activity. Monitoring uses battery life. That said, we understand how precious battery life is and as such, have made TI provide a means to allow the user control of this by allowing you to set the interval at which TI performs a 'sweep' of your system.

Under the 'App Settings' radio button, users can set the interval time from 2.5 seconds to 7.5 seconds.

The more often the 'sweep' is performed, the greater the percentage of battery usage TI will consume. Normal battery usage is definitely dependent on an individual users usage of the phone, but, we've found that using the 5 or 7.5 second interval setting, TI will far less battery.

Our trials show with normal phone usage, (call, browser usage, E-Mail, Etc.), TI will use anywhere from 3 to 12% of the battery during a 24 hour period, while all other Apps will be much higher.

Depending on how concerned a user is about what's running when, is how the interval setting should be determined. Our recommendation is to start at 7.5 seconds and the track battery usage. Then switch to 5 or 2.5 and gauge the difference in consumption. Your results will help you determine the best setting for you. I'd also like your feed back on the interval length. Depending on your inputs, we may add additional interval settings.

Thanks again for being a user and for providing your comments and questions. We'll keep working hard to make TI the best of the best!

R2 & JG

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